Al Curtis has been in the pool industry almost his whole life. With over twenty-seven years of experience, he has watched the industry evolve with new products, new methods, and all sorts of new innovations. It’s an exciting industry, and Al loves to be a part of it. He loves to share in the excitement of new developments in the industry, and he is always striving to evolve and help his clients get the best service and the best swimming pools possible.

Al’s experimentation with hybrid pools started with one client who had some exciting ideas for their pool. They really wanted a vinyl-liner pool, but they also wanted a place to put their deck furniture in the pool without the fear of tearing the liner, and they wanted a swim-up bar. This kind of thing had never been done before–most people would need to install a gunite pool in order to get the features they wanted. But Al knew there had to be a better way. He was determined to find a way to get the benefits of each type of pool while limiting the drawbacks of both. Thus, the hybrid pool was born.

The pool was installed with a vinyl liner for the main body. A gunite sun shelf, an area of the pool about 8 inches deep where deck furniture can be safely brought into the pool to lounge and relax, was added. Additionally, a gunite swim-up table was added to the design.

The project turned out beautifully, and the clients were incredibly pleased with the artistry, quality of construction, and customization that came with the finished product. This was the start of a revolution for Al and his team–they were determined to make the most of this incredible new process. In the years since this first hybrid pool, Al has honed the process and continues to innovate with each and every swimming pool he creates. The hybrid process allows him to create completely unique and customized pools for each individual customer.

Gunite sun shelf in a vinyl liner pool--the perfect place for a lounge chair. Saline Hybrid Pool PLO (282)