Company Background

Hybrid swimming pools were developed by Legendary Escapes, a swimming pool design and building company, home of Ask the Pool Guy – Allan Curtis.

The team of Legendary Escapes Pools has been designing and installing swimming pools for over thirty-five years. We are a family owned company, who focuses on our customer’s needs and wants rather than trying to sell you a standard “package deal.” We feel your pool design needs to fit your family, lifestyle, and entertainment needs. Our focus is creating your backyard fantasy whether you seek simplicity or innovation. We install vinyl liner pools and have quite a variety of options to create that unique look just for you. All our waterfall and rock work projects are done in house and completely by hand. We custom design your project so it will be a unique and special addition to your way of life.

As Al Curtis, designer and builder, evolved his vision, style, and process over the years, each swimming pool got more artistic and unique. Eventually, the hybrid pool was born (you can read the story here) and Legendary Escapes pools stood out even more in the local and national market. Around the same time, Al launched a brand called Ask the Pool Guy, acting as an industry advocate and sharing the knowledge and expertise he had gained during his decades in the pool industry. He is passionate about the swimming pool industry, and his passion is not limited to his service area. As hybrid pools began to attract national attention, the philosophy behind Ask the Pool Guy made sense for Legendary Escapes, as well. Al and his team decided that homeowners in Michigan shouldn’t be the only people who have access to these unique, custom swimming pools. And thus, a new vision was born. A vision of hybrid swimming pools nationwide, designed and built by partners of Legendary Escapes.

We are willing to work with any swimming pool builder who is interested in creating top-of-the-line, trendsetting, hybrid swimming pools. Building a hybrid pool is a unique process, one that takes a special kind of passion and excitement for the swimming pool industry. Our goal is to have partners across the country who have been trained and certified by us at Legendary Escapes, so we can feel confident about each and every swimming pool being built. As industry advocates, we want to see the industry evolve and grow. We know there are incredibly talented builders and designers out there, and we want to work with them and learn from each other, advancing the industry together.


Social Media for Customer Relationships

Part of a successful season includes answering homeowner questions and allowing for quick follow up. The links below will allow you to follow, like and listen to things going on in the local swimming pool market.