Creative Designs

Hybrid swimming pools are all about creativity. They combine the best of both gunite and vinyl liners in order to provide maximum customization and creativity. The first hybrid pool was created because one homeowner had a lot of dreams and a big vision for his backyard. Al Curtis, designer and builder, wanted to meet and exceed all of these hopes and expectations, but he couldn’t do it with the options he had in front of him. Instead, he pioneered a new process–and he hasn’t turned back since. (Click here to read the whole story.)

The gunite elements of the hybrid pool are what provide the most unique and creative elements. Gunite, or concrete, can be used in endless ways to create something new for each pool. With creativity and practice, concrete can be transformed into anything you could imagine. In a hybrid swimming pool, all the elements of interest are made out of concrete–from functional elements like sun shelves, spas, waterfalls, slides, and grottoes to more decorative elements like naturalistic boulders, carved tree stumps, fountains, and jump rocks (or turtles!). Because these elements can change with each pool, this is what gives each and every hybrid pool a different feel and a truly customized design.

With the hybrid construction process, as created by Al Curtis, you’ll never build the same pool twice. The hybrid swimming pool process is beneficial to both clients and builders. The design and construction process ensures that each customer will receive a finished product that meets their specific hopes, desires, and needs; while builders have an opportunity to continually improve their own skills.