Maintenance & Repairs

All pools are going to need maintenance and repairs eventually. With a Hybrid Pool built by Ask the Pool Guy’s Legendary Escapes you will need to have maintenance of keeping your pool clean making sure that you are back-washing every week or twice a week, then testing the water as well to see if any chemicals need to be added, all those things a homeowners needs to do with any pool. In terms of repairs we build a long last relationship with our homeowners so that if anything goes wrong and needs to be fixed or we notice something we are able to get that taken care of right away and it is done correctly, so that you can get back to using your awesome backyard escape! Some things that normally have to be repaired are equipment being out of tune or needing to be reset, tile and coping can sometimes get loose. Things that will need to be replaced in a couple years are the liner, larger equipment after lots of use. Everything that is installed at the build of your pool we at Ask the Pool Guy know how it works exactly and are more then aware of how your system should be running and how it needs to be fixed if broken!

Here is a video about some of the costs that come along with having a pool.

At least once a week you want to test your water, vacuum the pool, add any chemicals, and make sure your equipment is working properly.

Every 3-6 years you will want to have your sand changed. You can normally tell if you need your sand changed by if you water cannot get clear or if you find sand at the bottom of your pool, and also if your heater is not working this can be caused by the filter not getting enough water though the system.