Water Features

We love to create waterfalls that are both beautiful to look at and that create a wonderful sounds of falling water.


We created a video all about this pool build from beginning to end!

This pool we created water sounds with the waterfall, spill over spa, and waterslide, you can also see the entrance to the grotto. This waterfall also creates multiple jumping rocks!

Here is a small grotto cave we created under the waterfall and slide combination.

Sun Ledges or Shelfs have become a must for almost any pool that we build everyone loves them to be able to relax on or have younger kids play!

More and more we are seeing that homeowners love to create fire pits in that back yard with their pools.

Recently we have been pairing water and fire together and we love the outcomes!

This is still one of our favorite pools to tell others about one pool two levels an upper pool and then a waterslide down to the second one!

We created this large fireplace for people to sit around and listen to the waterfall and we love this backyard!